Braillo 600 S2

BrailleBox V5

Yüksek hızlı , kağıt beslemeli ve büyük miktarda üretim yapan yazıcılar

Braille Box yüksek volümlü Braille baskı için kullanılan bir yazıcıdır. Kesilmiş kağıt kullanan bu yazıcıyla anlık olarak sorunsuz kitap basılabilir.

Kesilmiş kağıt kullanan yüksek volümlü baskı cihazı en uygun fiyata.

  Saatte 900 sayfa A4 baskı

  Otomatik (Açılır-Kapanır) tepsi

  Mobil cihazlardan baskı alabilme

  Sorunsuz kabartma kitap baskısı (Otomatik kitapçık formatı desteğiyle)

A landmark in production braille embossers

Print hassle-free braille books

Print braille books with BrailleBox using A3 (or 11×17 inch) paper in booklet format. The pages are printed and pile in page order, fold along the centered braille line and you have a ready braille book.


Braille on cut sheet paper

Economically emboss braille using BrailleBox V5’s sheet fed technology.


Automated Braille Tray

New to BrailleBox V5 the door has shifted from manual, to automatic by simply pressing the DOOR key on the front panel of the embosser.


Noise Canceling Design

As a self-contained unit, BrailleBox’s low noise levels are suitable for any working environment.


Emboss & manage from portable devices

Index Braille V5 embossers are compatible with portable devices. With the use of your portable device and Index’s own idB (free), endless braille embossing options are available directly from your smart phone, tablet or portable PC.


Technical Specifications


Embossing speed cps

300 cps



Vertical printing (booklet)

Adjustable line spacing

Braille font

 2.5 mm

Tactile resolution

50 dpi

Forming method

3 heads with 13 hardened hammers/anvils in each



Cut sheet fed

Paper roll

Sheet feeder size

400 pages

Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper width

A3 (297×420 mm), Tabloid 11″x17″

Paper length

11″x11x5″, B4 250×353 mm

Adjustable paper size

Fixed paper size



56 cm (22.05 in)


72 cm (28.35 in)


90 cm (35.43 in)

Net volume

362.88 dm3 (12.81 ft3)

Net weight

68.2 kg (150.04 lbs)

Noise level

60 dB(A)

Latest V5 Firmware

Firmware V5: 2016-09-05 upgrades V5 embossers with support for registering WIFI-networks via command file (ESC-C) and several important bug fixes.

Index Braille printer driver

Supports Index embossers V5, V4 & V3. Printer driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. This version adds support for .docx and .rtf formats on Windows.